Helloworld Travel Customer Charter

Our promises to you


We’re passionate about sharing our travel knowledge and experiences to help inform your plans.

We speak from experience because we travel often and far ourselves.

We answer any questions you have about your journey, and if we don’t know all the answers, we’ll find out.


We take the time to listen and understand your needs so that we may tailor the best value trip for your budget.

We understand that travelling requires a major investment of your time and money, and that one-size-fits-all service doesn’t always suit everyone.

Our services are designed to treat you like a person, not a number, meeting your unique needs.


We know you want to be informed about what you’re paying for and believe it’s important to be open and honest about fees and charges.

So, we’re committed to clearly communicating all fees and charges to you.

We know that you want to be informed about the products and services you will receive, so we will be clear about our role as your travel agent and service provider.

We are committed to providing you with all relevant information on the travel products and services we are arranging and booking for you. This will include full details of the suppliers providing those products and services, the terms and conditions of supply and the total cost involved.


If any unexpected events disrupt your travel plans, we’ll minimise any inconveniences, keeping you informed of your alternative travel options.

We’ll minimise any inconveniences by:

  • Providing you with the opportunity to book alternative travel options such as new flights and hotel bookings
  • Putting you in touch with your insurance provider for any insurance related requests such as health issues
  • For non-urgent requests, putting you in touch with the agent who booked your travel itinerary

Simply call 13 14 15 to speak with a Helloworld Travel representative.


We actively seek your feedback on your experience with us, and your trip. We are committed to publishing this customer satisfaction feedback, including Net Promoter Score (NPS), so that we can continually improve our services for you.

If you have a specific problem or complaint then we want to hear about it. Our aim is to resolve any problems on the spot where possible, via our travel agents or online service centre. However, if your problem is a bit more complex, or if you’re not happy with the outcome, please call our Customer Care Service Line during office hours on 1300 722 501.


We respect your personal information and will ensure it is protected and secure in accordance with all applicable privacy laws.

All bookings made with our Helloworld Travel Branded and Helloworld Travel Associate members will be backed by the Helloworld Travel Customer Protection Policy*.

In the event that a Helloworld Travel brand carrying member ceases to trade or otherwise fails financially, Helloworld Travel will provide either the travel products and services or the appropriate refund (to the extent any customer bookings made through that member are not refunded or otherwise dealt with by your credit card or travel insurance provider).

The Helloworld Travel Customer Protection Policy will not provide compensation in the event of supplier failure. In such cases, Helloworld Travel will do its utmost to minimise inconveniences and keep you informed of alternative travel options.

*The Helloworld Travel Customer Protection Policy commenced operation on 1 July 2014, following closure of the Travel Compensation Fund.